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White Rock Mountain is quite possibly one of the prettiest places you will ever visit in your life time. Whatever direction you are coming from to visit this beautiful place,you will have to endure miles of dusty,steep roads to get here. I assure you it will be worth it. You will take a

step into the past by visiting the three natural stone cabins and the lodge on White Rock Mountain built in the 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). President Franklin D. Roosevelt formed the CCC during the Great Depression. Wind, rain, and natural elements caused the deterioration of the buildings over the years. In 1987 a volunteer group, Friends of White Rock, began a project to renovate the structures. With a lot of hard work, the cabins and lodge were restored in 1991. Visitors to White Rock Mountain enjoy scenic views from the cabins. White Rock Mountain is 2,260 feet above sea level and received its name from the appearance of the lichen on the sheer bluffs that look white from a distance. High bluffs surround this area. Please use caution while along the bluff line, especially with small children. White Rock Mountain is the hub of several trail systems. It offers a 13.4-mile loop trail south to Shores Lake and returns to intersect with the Ozark Highlands Trail. Around the rim of the mountaintop is a 1.5-mile loop trail. 3 rental cabins and a lodge. All three feature stone fireplaces and original furniture. The lodge can accommodate up to 30 people a night and is accessible to the physically challenged. The cabins can be rented year-round. 8 family camping units with tent pads and fire pits. 8 family picnicking units.
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Take Arkansas 215 north from Mulberry for 15 miles, then follow Forest Service Road 1505 (paved for 0.5 mile, then gravel) for 8 miles, then turn left (west) on Forest Service Road 1003 (gravel) for 2.5 miles.


Spend your weekend in a beautiful cabin!


Are you looking to get away from it all?  Is a fun weekend full of friends, family, and adventure just what you need to reset and reconnect?  Well, you've come to the right place!  The Lodge and Cabins at White Rock Mountain feature handcrafted architecture and fully furnished interiors.  Each cabin is wonderfully unique and accommodates from 1 to 18 guests.  Choose your cabin, grab your pillows and blankets, some great food to grill, and get ready for some fun! Click on for more information prices and availability.

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