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Its Time To Pitch Your Tent

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

When you reach your camping destination this summer and are ready to put up a tent here are a few tips to consider. First, is there any shade? I like to pick campsites that have at least a couple of trees near it. If you put your tent in direct sunlight it can heat the inside to 5-25 degrees hotter than the outside temperatures. This can make even putting on your swimwear a sweaty ordeal. Tents are not cheap either. To much direct sunshine can lead to damage to your tent,ruining your investment. It can cause the rain-proofing and materials to break down which will lead to leaks and tears in your shelter. So look up and study the sun's course. Keep in mind what time of day it is, for example if you are setting up in the morning,try to figure out where the sun will be the rest of the day as well. I like to plan for 2-3 hours of morning sun and shade for rest of the afternoon on my tent. The sun helps me wake up in the morning letting me know its time to get the percolator fired up. While you are studying the trees for shade keep an eye out for widow makers. Widow makers are loose or dead limbs hanging in the tree tops. You don't want to be under them or you can end up a shish kebab on a windy night. Also the closer you are to the trunks of the trees the more likely you will be hounded by insects,especially ants! I try to keep my tent about 10 feet away from the base of trees. So near trees not up against them. And please people, no more nails in the trees!

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