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Exploring the Ozarks

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Did you know that the Ozark Mountains hide some of America's most beautiful scenery? It seems like a lot of people these days are figuring that out. Most are packing up tents,campers,RVs of all kinds. They are heading to their favorite swimming holes for the weekend to beat the heat and humidity. I have been exploring the Ozarks for 20 years now and it never gets boring. I have stayed in beautiful cabins,rented RVs,and have camped hundreds of time in a tent in the Ozarks. One of the things I have learned camping out here is it gets very humid! Growing up in California to escape the heat of sun you just have to find some shade. In the Ozark mountains you can find lots of shade,but it does not really make a difference as far as cooling you off. Its the thick humidity out here that will seek you out no matter what. You have two choices as far as getting cooled off out here. One is stay close to your air conditioner and don't leave your house until summer is over(boring). The other way is to go swimming.

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