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Roasted Corn


Camper Preparing Meal

Just because you are camping doesn't mean you have to eat hotdogs! I know, I know. They are easy to cook, and they come in a nice, little resealable package for your convenience. I can not tell you how many times I have camped next to folks eating hot dogs for dinner. Save them for a ball game! 

Your camp fire meals do not have to boring! I dare people to think outside the box when making their camp grub. When folks walk by our site, I catch them putting their nose up into the air to catch the smells of baby back ribs, salmon, or stuffed portobello mushrooms permeating the mountain air. 

Perfect Picnic
Healthy Salad

Don't forget the salad! Before you head out, just pre-make your salad with all your favorite ingredients. Then stuff it into one gallon bags and throw it in your cooler with a bottle of your favorite dressing. 

The Kitchen

Cooking while camping outdoors can be very enjoyable. Whether you are grilling chicken, boiling soup, or cooking pasta, there are going to be a few items you will want to take with you. Listed below are some camp kitchen essentials to take with you on that next adventure. 




-large storage container (to put your kitchen gear in)

-non-stick frying pan

-large sauce pan with lid (lids with some strainer holes in it are the best) 

-metal spatula 

-metal tongs

-spoons,forks,and steak knives (a set per person)

-large knife (for cutting things like watermelon) 

-box of one gallon freezer bags 

-aluminum foil

-coffee cups


-cutting board


-roll of paper towels

-dish soap

-green scrub pad (keep in small plastic bag)

-serving spoon

-can opener

-small bottle of cooking oil

-your favorite spices

-camp stove with plenty of fuel


-a plastic bowl

- flashlight

Delicious Recipes Coming Soon!

Feel the flavor! 

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